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Our philosophy is our credo

  • Defend the client’s legitimate interests by a tailor-made approach

Our client and the particular situation and needs are at the center of our attention. Together with our client, we assess the client’s needs on a case-by-case basis so as to define the best possible approach and reach the desired solution.

We are committed to provide high quality services in person.

Our fees are transparent and very competitive at the local market and depend, in particular, on the complexity of the issue, the amount of time spent, the amount in dispute, and the individual situation of our client.

Depending on the individual situation of our client, we help secure legal insurance benefits and/or legal aid.

  • Prevent conflicts

As far as possible, we help our client prevent conflicts through thorough preparation and analysis of possible gaps and pitfalls. Our assistance may consist in the drafting of letters and agreements, or in reviewing such documents so as to make sure they best serve our client’s interests.   

  • Settle if possible, litigate if necessary

On the basis of our experience as a mediator, we believe in the human capacity to amicably settle disputes which helps those concerned to “turn the page” and move on.

Amicable settlements may actually save the client’s resources (time, energy and money) and lead to a satisfactory solution, thereby avoiding or reducing the burdens and risks inherent in judicial procedure.

If no amicable settlement is envisageable or can be reached, we assist our clients in taking legal action, including in filing complaints and/or litigating their case before the appropriate national or international boards, courts and tribunals.